Friday, 11 March 2011

Feedback on Rough-Cut

After showing the rest of the class the rough cut for Ellipsis, our opening sequence to a thriller, we recieved the following feedback:
- To make all scenes black and white, where some where still coloured.
- To change certain parts of the music so that it fitted better with the images.
- That we should possibly add some more shots better explaining the plot, however this is impossible but we can re-edit the scene to give it the desired clarity.
- To add diegetic sounds (for example a can opening).
- Above all we must add the remaining titles.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Our Opening Sequence Music

Filming & Editing

We have filmed our opening sequence and are currently in the editing process. After discussion within the group we have come to a few decisions regarding the features we will include in the edit. For example, a large part of our film is being treated with a black and white effect. The filming process was relatively easy, with few slip-ups, one of which was a problem with the location we were using, however we overcame this obstacle and filming went on as planned. We feel the editing process won't take much longer, and hope to be finished within the next few lessons.